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  • 会计做完帐 直接对接国税地税的系统 或者生成国税地税认同格式的文件<br />?????

  • 会计做完帐 直接对接国税地税的系统 或者生成国税地税认同格式的文件<br />?????

  • 看到有人问<br />I don't have a deep knowledge about how accounting is done in China, but what I do know is that every official invoice (fapiao) must be under strict regulation of the Government.<br /><br />有人回答<br />The fact that OpenERP is not usable in China for accounting purposes has to do with Government certification and the lack of a linkage to the tax bureau for monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting.<br /><br />So it is nice to have OpenERP, but you still need UFIDA or Kingdee software for accounting. <br /><br />想知道是否有成功案例<br />确实用odoo的中国会计模块输出过这些<br /><br />每月给税务机关报送资产负债表、损益表;<br />每季度报送所得税季报表,<br />一年报一次现金流量表!<br />


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