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  • 现在有一帮喜欢开源产品的爱好者欲在开源平台opentaps基础上开发符合中国使用习惯的ERP/CRM/B2C平台,现期望有些精通ERP行业业务的人员参与创业团队。目前模式是边上班边做,通过协同平台合作。到产品开发完成,产品销售收入大家分,或者等到有一定收入后共同成立公司。

    感兴趣的请联系我:MSN/EMAIL:[email protected]:271139623

  • 工程不小,希望能做成。

    Open Source License

    opentaps is released under a dual open source/commercial licensing model, similar to that used by MySQL, JBoss, Asterisk, and many other open source projects.  It is available as free software under either GNU Affero GPL v3 for opentaps 1.4 and later or the Honest Public License (HPL) for earlier versions.  These licenses allow you to use, modify, and re-distribute the source code of the software, but it also may require that you publish your own modifications, extensions, or customizations.

    Commercial License

    The opentaps commercial license allows you to take advantage of all the features of opentaps without the obligations of the open source licenses.  End users can still access and modify the source code for your own organization.  Service providers and independent software vendors can incorporate opentaps into a hosted on-demand offering or commercial product and distribute them to end users under the opentaps commercial license. Commercial licenses are included with the opentaps Professional Edition along with professional support for opentaps.

    opentaps Partners can purchase opentaps commercial licenses for their clients and discount rates.

    Software vendors and on-demand service providers can purchase commercial licenses in bulk at significant discounts to the pricing listed above.  For additional details, please contact Open Source Strategies.

  • 做产品啊?
    要不, 你先打个2000W 的借条给开发者? 等项目成功后. 转换. 项目失败, 一拍两散?


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