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    我对ERP5了解的不多,但是也尝试过安装和试用。就个人的印象,ERP5一开始是为一个服装制造企业所编制的软件,相信在服装制造行业有相对成熟的应用。我也学习了它的网站上关于ERP5的设计构思,应该说这个软件对业务模型的抽象上有很独到的设计。但是从学习的角度看,学习这个软件还是有一定的难度的。Zope 相对来说就是一块硬骨头。Zope的目前的最新版本是3.X,基于2.X的软件并不能直接运行在3.x,而ERP5是基于2.x的。这个迁移过程并非易事,当然好象现在已经有一个Z3ERP在做这样的事情,具体进展如何不得而知。另外ERP5的开发,及开源团队建设是相对封闭的,文档资料极其缺乏,甚至连一个完整的安装指导都很难找到。我一直也订阅了他们的开发邮件列表,但是这个列表也很不活跃。 个人以为,它可能是一个设计精妙的项目,但是作为一个开源产品却没有建设健康的社区团队,这个项目的生命力,和发展是让人质疑的。

    你贴的那个链接的文章以前看到过,文章是2005年的,Tiny ERP当时的版本也只有2.0X,Tiny ERP的开发速度非常快,所以文章里的有些部分已经不再适用评价目前的Tiny ERP。
    这里还有一篇比较Tiny ERP和Openbravo 的文章,我也转贴过来供你参考:
    Hi all,

    I've been comparing several open source ERP's for some 2 months now for www.smile.fr./

    I specially looked at TinyERP and [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color], so far my conclusion are:

    TinyERP is probably is best on all points. OK, [color=#ffa34f][b]Openbravo[/b][/color] might be a little more sexy graphically, but except that I think it's really not as good. Still I would rate [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color] number #2. In my opinion [color=#ffa34f][b]Openbravo[/b][/color] already outperforms Compiere or will do that during this year if not yet.

    for [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color] vs TinyERP, I would say:

    on the functionnal side:

    • [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color] is very weak on CRM
    • [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color] is very weak for services companies
    • [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color] might be better on POS, while not even sure
    • generally speaking [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]has no modularity and won't have soon, so lot's of TinyERP plugingoodness isn't available in TinyERP. So ERP verticalization is not fortomorrow for [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]will it looks in the close future for TinyERP. Functionnalverticalisation is already happening, only a proper packaging will thenbe required.
    • [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color] is way too weak on French accounting which matters for us.

    on the technical side:

    • [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]is REALLY inferior to TinyERP. It's modeled at a very low relationnallevel (see the pl/pg/SQL code!!!) whereas TinyERP has true domainobject models. So the code of Tiny is small, comparatively bug free andeasy to understand withe a predictible behavior. [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]recognize the weakness of their platform, they are promising HibernateORM and Spring for modularity, but all that won't be available before2009 and will still be marginal among the code. Moreover Hibernate is agood ORM but it isn't scritable like Tiny one, so it will still notreach TinyERP flexibility, even by 2010, no way!
    • TinyERP exposes all the datamodel though webservices while on [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]you should hardcode the webservice for every service you need! So itmake it expensive to ineterconnect with other legacy bloatware.
    • Given all the ugly legacy code behind [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color], it's totally impossible [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]to ever compete with TinyERP, even considering the 6M investmentbeghind it. I would say that 80% of the development effort is wastedinto maintaining the ugly SQL code instead of increasing features. Alsoa lot of their money is wasted into marketing. Only very little moneygoes into the features. As a result they aren't many.
    • As some said, once you need to customize behind simple data structures (specialized method on objects, worlflows (no BPM on [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]...)) [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color] is really inferior to TinyERP.

    Want to have fun? Go into the src of [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]and try: grep -ri "storage of tires", you'll find plenty of dead codefrom the beginning of Compiere around year 2000 at Goodyear Germany(same thing happens in Compiere too BTW). So 7 years and 6M later, theyaren't able to clean their code. No reason they can do it tomorrow. Thecodebase is just too ugly. I'm following their SVN and can attest lotsof pg/SQL bugs are corrected, meaning there are lots of bugs and youcan't trust all that coded blindly.

    So, yes you can consider [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color], it's far from evil, but it's really hard to find out one reason to prefer it over TinyERP. Nonetheless, [color=#ffa34f][b]OpenBravo[/b][/color]is certainly better than lots of others players, including Compiere andERP5 and Ofbiz (and probably also Neogia until it's big enough). Also,given the investment, it's even possible they become profitable whileprobably not the best option. I wish they will as they might stilloffer better service than a proprietary ERP.

    I know that some issues with Tiny are pretty tough (Linux and eTinyinstallation, interface, marketing, functional details)... But overallI think Tiny is a great product promised to a great future. Praise forit!
    By the way, Smile.fr will publish an accurate white paper about ERP's in French in some 3 weeks. So keep in touch.

    Hope this helps.

    Raphaël Valyi.

    [[i] 本帖最后由 digitalsatori 于 2008-3-2 22:57 编辑 [/i]]

  • 没想到版回复这么快啊,看得出版主做事的态度啊。



  • openbravo我也研究过,感觉功能上作的还不够细致。开源软件首先要实现客户通用的需求,开源才有意义。对tiny比较有信心,模块化做得比较好,加上诸位共同研究改善,希望能够早日拿出让客户易上手的版本出来。


  • 管理员

    Tiny ERP的有开放的模块化设计的结构,所有对软件功能的定制化都可以通过加载新的模块来完成,而Tiny ERP对垂直行业化解决方案也是通过加载模块来实现的。Tiny的官方网站上已经有一些行业应用的模块,你可以加载试用。

  • 当前 Tiny ERP中文本地项目组招募组员, liufeng欢迎你加入进来, 这样一方面可以为开源贡献一分力量,另一方面你可以学习Tinyery, 我已加入文档组,相信Tinyerp很有潜力。

  • 谢谢大家,看来都是热心人啊

    关于Tiny ERP中文本地项目组的事情,我也很感兴趣,只是不知道该从何入手,希望能有一个比较详细的组织构造和计划,这样大家都能根据能力大小和时间安排做一些力所能及的事情了。



  • 太好了,哪么我就先欢迎你加入了。:lol

  • :lol ,版主提供的和openbravo的比较刚好是 我想要的。

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