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Open ERP API change for V6.1

  • 管理员

    OpenERP API 在开发分支中(未来V6.1版本)有以下变化:

    1) fields.function() does not take a "method" parameter anymore [1]. It
    was useless and every field was passing method=True. It is possible to
    pass a normal function too, it simply needs to have the proper signature
    (see the docstring). Don't forget to run 'bzr pull' on the server,
    otherwise the trunk addons will not work anymore.
    And please do not use the "method" parameter anymore in trunk! (it's
    ignored, though, so it's backwards compatible)

    2) There is no need to call the constructor of each osv object anymore
    after defining it. This is now done automagically by the osv
    metaclass[2], so you can save this line for every osv object you
    declare. Calling the constructor will not hurt, but it's unnecessary.
    class myobj(osv.osv):
    myobj() <----不需要了

    3) You don't need to split osv classes when there are circular
    references, such as users <-> groups. Modules are now loaded in several
    passes to resolve the dependencies [2].

  • 第三点改进很棒啊...

    但这样底层的大动作... 对于partner 来讲,,, 太过痛苦了...

  • 不知道什么时候能像tryton那样不必每次调用和定义method的时候都写cr,uid这类的参数。

  • 管理员

    [quote author=mrshelly link=topic=2531.msg8357#msg8357 date=1310708644]
    但这样底层的大动作... 对于partner 来讲,,, 太过痛苦了...


    [quote author=wjfonhand link=topic=2531.msg8358#msg8358 date=1310737877]