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OPENERP职位需求/Job Offer

  • Hi everybody,
    Please find here after job position request.
    Eric Caudal

    [b]Position for OpenERP System Administrator (2011/07/28)[/b]
    Elico Corp is Official Ready Partner for OpenERP in China and offers OpenERP related services to Western and Chinese companies in Shanghai area (www.elico-corp.com).
    As OpenERP System Administrator, you will be responsible for the health and security of Elico Corp infrastructure. You will have to setup, maintain and monitor physical and virtual servers build on Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL and OpenERP framework.
    The job will require implication to work on research and development for the automation of server setup and programming new OpenERP modules.
    You will have to work closely with project managers to provide them with the most suitable environment and development solutions. Besides you will have to provide technical support and documentation for OpenERP users in Chinese and English language.
    The position is located in Shanghai area with a one-year renewable contract.
    [b]Education and Experience[/b]
    Bachelor or Masters degree in computer science
    A specialization in business administration would be appreciated
    2-5 years experience in Linux administration
    1+ year in object-oriented development and relational databases appreciated
    Fluency in Chinese and English
    [b]Technical competencies[/b]
    Linux systems administration (vital)
    Shell and Python programming (vital)
    Mastering the OpenERP's technical framework (Python-based, cross-platform, modular, MVC, ORM) (helpful)
    PostgreSQL administration and SQL programming (helpful)
    Remote hosted server administration and monitoring (helpful)
    Apache, BIND, Postfix administration (helpful)
    Linux VServer, Xen, KVM, or other virtualization system experience (helpful)
    [b]Human skills[/b]
    Quick and autonomous learner
    Pragmatic approach of problems
    Proactive and goal driven attitude
    Good communication skills
    Rigor in software development and documentation
    Able to understand business processes and to transpose it technically
    [b]Work environment[/b]
    Start-up and fast growing company working with top leading customers
    Entrepreneurial and open environment with Western standards
    [b]Job application[/b]
    For immediate consideration, please send your resume and application letter (Word, PDF, or HTML) [b]preferably in English[/b] to [email][email protected][/email].
    Important: The subject field of your email should include OpenERP System Administrator.

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