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  • 我想把系统里的问号都取消掉,因为使用人员会经常点到,很不方便。我找到help属性 可是很多怎么取消?
    E:\Program Files\OpenERP 6.0\Server\addons\sale\sale.py
    00193: 'origin': fields.char('Source Document', size=64, help="Reference of the document that generated this sales order request."),
    00204: ], 'Order State', readonly=True, help="Gives the state of the quotation or sales order. \nThe exception state is automatically set when a cancel operation occurs in the invoice validation (Invoice Exception) or in the picking list process (Shipping Exception). \nThe 'Waiting Schedule' state is set when the invoice is confirmed but waiting for the scheduler to run on the date 'Ordered Date'.", select=True),
    00206: 'create_date': fields.date('Creation Date', readonly=True, select=True, help="Date on which sales order is created."),
    00207: 'date_confirm': fields.date('Confirmation Date', readonly=True, select=True, help="Date on which sales order is confirmed."),
    00210: 'partner_invoice_id': fields.many2one('res.partner.address', 'Invoice Address', readonly=True, required=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}, help="Invoice address for current sales order."),
    00211: 'partner_order_id': fields.many2one('res.partner.address', 'Ordering Contact', readonly=True, required=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}, help="The name and address of the contact who requested the order or quotation."),
    00212: 'partner_shipping_id': fields.many2one('res.partner.address', 'Shipping Address', readonly=True, required=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}, help="Shipping address for current sales order."),
    00214: 'incoterm': fields.many2one('stock.incoterms', 'Incoterm', help="Incoterm which stands for 'International Commercial terms' implies its a series of sales terms which are used in the commercial transaction."),
    00216: 'Picking Policy', required=True, readonly=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}, help="""If you don't have enough stock available to deliver all at once, do you accept partial shipments or not?"""),
    00223: help="""The Shipping Policy is used to synchronise invoice and delivery operations.
    00228: 'pricelist_id': fields.many2one('product.pricelist', 'Pricelist', required=True, readonly=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}, help="Pricelist for current sales order."),
    00229: 'project_id': fields.many2one('account.analytic.account', 'Analytic Account', readonly=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}, help="The analytic account related to a sales order."),
    00232: 'invoice_ids': fields.many2many('account.invoice', 'sale_order_invoice_rel', 'order_id', 'invoice_id', 'Invoices', readonly=True, help="This is the list of invoices that have been generated for this sales order. The same sales order may have been invoiced in several times (by line for example)."),
    00233: 'picking_ids': fields.one2many('stock.picking', 'sale_id', 'Related Picking', readonly=True, help="This is a list of picking that has been generated for this sales order."),
    00234: 'shipped': fields.boolean('Delivered', readonly=True, help="It indicates that the sales order has been delivered. This field is updated only after the scheduler(s) have been launched."),
    00238: fnct_search=_invoiced_search, type='boolean', help="It indicates that an invoice has been paid."),
    00246: multi='sums', help="The amount without tax."),
    00252: multi='sums', help="The tax amount."),
    00258: multi='sums', help="The total amount."),
    00260: 'invoice_quantity': fields.selection([('order', 'Ordered Quantities'), ('procurement', 'Shipped Quantities')], 'Invoice on', help="The sale order will automatically create the invoice proposition (draft invoice). Ordered and delivered quantities may not be the same. You have to choose if you want your invoice based on ordered or shipped quantities. If the product is a service, shipped quantities means hours spent on the associated tasks.", required=True, readonly=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}),
    00843: 'sequence': fields.integer('Sequence', help="Gives the sequence order when displaying a list of sales order lines."),
    00844: 'delay': fields.float('Delivery Lead Time', required=True, help="Number of days between the order confirmation the shipping of the products to the customer", readonly=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)]}),
    01179: ], 'Picking Default Policy', required=True, help="The Shipping Policy is used to configure per order if you want to deliver as soon as possible when one product is available or you wait that all products are available.."),
    01184: help="You can generate invoices based on sales orders or based on shippings."),
    01189: help="By default, OpenERP is able to manage complex routing and paths "<br />

  • 这个应该改client的label显示方式

    可惜我们花那么多时间翻译了这些Help 😉

  • 已经解决

  • 公布方法……

  • 就是把help属性都改了就行了,我有改好的 你要不要?

  • 170个官方模块和300多个非官方模块全都手工改掉?

  • EditPlus 的正则替换功能.....


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