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  • [b]OpenERP项目经理职位 (2011/11/01)[/b]

    作为OpenERP项目经理,您将负责部署整个 企业资源规划的(OpenERP)最新版本软件。您需要将客户的需求进行分析,计划你的资源,确定最佳实践解决方案,包括首次演示和能达到工作人员对这些应用程序预期的培训。您将参与整个OpenERP生命周期的实施和项目管理,确保项目在预算之内按时完成,使我们的客户非常满意.


    最后,OpenERP项目经理也被认为是一位领导者,对每一项新ERP系统成功推出具有一定的责任。 在实施阶段,你将领导,引导和指导项目团队成员,并能积极和快速排除故障等技能,同时解决与项目相关的问题,以及配合团队成员的人力资源需要.总之,对于有关技术等等问题能迅速做出明智的决定和合理解决方案.


    [li]熟悉软件产品的开发周期,包括需求定义,设计,规格,开发,各个阶段测试,产品发布,但不是必需 [/li]
    我们会尽快考虑,请发您的简历和申请书(WORD,PDF,HTML): jobs@elico-corp.com (最好为中英文语言)
    备注: 在您给我们的简历中(电邮),请写主题为“OpenERP项目经理职位申请”,谢谢
    [b]Position for OpenERP Project Manager (2011/11/01)[/b]
    Elico Corp is Official Ready Partner for OpenERP in China and offers OpenERP related services to Western and Chinese companies in Shanghai area (www.openerp.net.cn).
    As OpenERP Project Manager, you will be responsible for deploying entire new versions of enterprise resource planning (OpenERP) software. You will have to analyze the customers' needs, plan your resources, define best practice solutions, including the rollout and the training for the staff expected to use these applications. You will be involved with the project management of the entire OpenERP implementation life cycle and ensures that the project is completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our clients.

    You will have to establish and develop relationships with the customers and generates feedback from them about OpenERP module implementation, pain points and issues and uses the feedback to deliver improved service with our technical support.

    Last but not least, the ERP project manager is considered the leader responsible for the successful rollout of a new ERP system. You will lead, guide and mentor project team members during the implementation phase and exhibit troubleshooting skills to address the project-related issues as well as human resources needs of her team members, and make quick, informed decisions about technical problem areas.
    Education and Experience
    [li]Bachelor degree in computer science or relevant field such as business administration[/li]
    [li]Experience managing complex cross functional projects and service delivery cycles[/li]
    [li]OpenERP framework, technical and functional knowledge is desired but not required[/li]
    Fluency in Chinese. English highly appreciated
    Technical competencies
    [li]Mastery of project management principles, tools and technical document preparation, such as project plans and functional specifications[/li][/list]v
    [list][li]Very strong written and verbal communication[/li]
    [li]Demonstrated ability to map business requirements to appropriate functional/technical requirements[/li]
    [li]Experience with all phases of software product development lifecycle, including requirements definition, design, specifications, development, test, product release is desired but not required[/li]
    Human skills
    [li]Excellent leadership skills are required[/li]
    [li]Troubleshooting, problem resolution, and customer management skills[/li]
    [li]Strong advocacy for change management principles[/li]
    Work environment
    [li]Start-up and fast growing company working with top leading customers[/li]
    [li]Entrepreneurial and open environment with Western standards[/li]
    [li]The position is located in Shanghai area with a one-year renewable contract.[/li]
    Job application
    For immediate consideration, please send your resume and application letter (Word, PDF, or HTML) preferably in English to jobs@elico-corp.com.
    Important: The subject field of your email should include OpenERP Project Manager.

  • 好像是挺适合我的职位。

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