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如何正确使用现金记录? 输入报错 有截图 (已解决)

  • 一直在尝试使用会计里的 现金记录 钱箱, 尝试做一笔从银行提现到现金的记录。 不管我怎么输都提示[b] 银行对账单余额不正确[/b]

  • 看了英文社区的一篇回答,已经解决
    大致的意思是: 现金记录 类似于 pos机的临时钱箱 不完全等同于现金科目
    比如你现金保险柜里总共有10000元, 你拿500出来开始操作日常收支, 那么你打开 现金记录 选择 更多里的 put money in (存钱) 500
    这时 现金记录显示有500
    比如支付出租车费50 ,你就记录一条开支科目的 -50金额 要负号否则是增加
    都结束后看余额是多少,再在更多里选择 取钱 把余额放回保险箱。 这时余额为0,可以过账龄。 每次必须要求钱箱余额为0


    I am in a similar situation as you. Let me tell you what I understand so far of how it works. Let me know if my info is helpful to you or if you discovered things that contradict how I think it works!

    I got a pile of cash in the safe. (say 1000$) then I have a little box on my office for people coming in wanting a little cash to get small stuff like a lightbulb.

    Step 1) configure the cash journal goto: configuration >> journals >> journals >> click on the cash journal Then select the cash journal for the profit account, the loss account and the internal transfer account. This means if you put money in this cash register it will be taken from the cash account.

    Question 1) I read in another post something about the checkbox opening with last closing balance but wasn't able to figure out how it works. (checking and unchecking didn't really change the behaviour)

    Step 2) Create a cash register goto: bank & cash >> cash registers >> click create Now click open cashbox. At this point the box is empty. Lets assume you have 4 fifty dollar bills for the cash register.

    Step 3) Put money in the box Click on the more button in the center of the top toolbar, then select put money in Put 200 and as reason something like initial deposit.

    Step 4) do a petty cash transaction Click edit then add item in the obi put lightbulb in the amount put -5 (don't forget the minus sign else it will add to the register). Also put office expenses in the account.

    OBI: I am not sure about the OBI but I think it seems to be just a reference to the transaction. Because when you put the reason for the initial deposit it puts it in the OBI space. However if you put numbers it will rank you transactions according to the OBI number which is odd. The OBI code stand for : "Originator to beneficiary information" (hover over and you will see).

    Step 5) Take money out to close the cash register At the end of the day you take what reamins fo the cash register out of your box and add it to the cash in your safe. Click more, take money out, Reason end of day withdrawal, amount -195

    Step 6) Close cash box Click close cash box and you will see it will make the proposed journal items for you. one in particular being the office expenses being debited and cash being credited.



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