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  • 当产品数量超过一定量的时候,pos模块本地存储的容量无法满足,怎么破?
    Uncaught Error: QuotaExceededError: DOM Exception 22
    NS_ERROR_DOM_QUOTA_REACHED: Persistent storage maximum size reached

  • 你有多少item就超出了?

  • LocalStorage has a hard 5.0MB on chrome.

  • 5.0MB?

  • [quote author=OpenERP製行业 link=topic=14813.msg27082#msg27082 date=1387237286]

  • Chrome 应该可以配置这个参数吧?

  • 管理员

        /* The db module was intended to be used to store all the data needed to run the Point
        * of Sale in offline mode. (Products, Categories, Orders, ...) It would also use WebSQL
        * or IndexedDB to make the searching and sorting products faster. It turned out not to be
        * a so good idea after all.
        * First it is difficult to make the Point of Sale truly independant of the server. A lot
        * of functionality cannot realistically run offline, like generating invoices.
        * IndexedDB turned out to be complicated and slow as hell, and loading all the data at the
        * start made the point of sale take forever to load over small connections.
        * LocalStorage has a hard 5.0MB on chrome. For those kind of sizes, it is just better
        * to put the data in memory and it's not too big to download each time you launch the PoS.
        * So at this point we are dropping the support for offline mode, and this module doesn't really
        * make sense anymore. But if at some point you want to store millions of products and if at
        * that point indexedDB has improved to the point it is usable, you can just implement this API.
        * You would also need to change the way the models are loaded at the start to not reload all your
        * product data.

    PosLS is a localstorage based implementation of the point of sale database.
        * FIXME: The Products definitions and categories are stored on the locastorage even tough they're
        * always reloaded at launch. This could induce a slowdown because the data needs to be reparsed from
        * JSON before each operation. If you have a huge amount of products (around 25000) it can also
        * blow the 5.0MB localstorage limit.

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