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开发人员可以登录gitter讨论组: http://gitter.im/odoo-china/Talk, 需要github账号


OpenERP ==> Odoo (开发者应知道的)

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    OpenERP在昨天宣布更名为Odoo, 作为开发者你应该了解以下信息:

    - github.com/odoo/odoo is now the offcial repo, we merged the 3 branches history.

    - the github bug tracker will replace the launchpad one, we will use tags to filter and sort bugs.

    - translation will remain on launchpad rosetta for a little time(olivier will synchronize manually the .pot and .po), then we will transition to an other platform (probably transifex).

    - we will publish a tool to convert feature branch from launchpad to a git branch

    - openerp namespaces will be renamed into odoo while keeping backward compatibility

    - github.com/odoo-dev/odoo is forked repo that will host all the developement branch of openerp SA (the company will be renamed later). All the development stays public.

    - runbot will be replaced by runbot https://code.launchpad.net/~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/trunk-runbot-al

    - help is now hosted by the website_forum odoo module

    - mailing list will be handled by the website_mail_group module

    - a new developer tutorial will be published tomorrow

    - the reference documentation will be updated, the technical memento will be converted to rst, we will keep .rst file either in the odoo repository or in the github wiki repository

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  • 张见识了,今天我下载了看了下,整体架构确实不错呢!

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