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求助:openerp cookie 闲置时间设置

  • 由于,公司的openerp 是几个人使用。。cookie时间只有1小时,一天内要登陆好几次,太麻烦。请教大侠们,怎么可以设置 cookie时间。设置成1天。

    通过搜索找到了。(timeout * 60)) 改成(timeout * 6024365))改成这样。还是闲置时间长了还是会没反映。要重新登陆,请大侠指点,哪能加闲置时间。

    def set_response_cookie(path=None, path_header=None, name='session_id',
                            timeout=60, domain=None, secure=False):
        """Set a response cookie for the client.
        path: the 'path' value to stick in the response cookie metadata.
        path_header: if 'path' is None (the default), then the response
            cookie 'path' will be pulled from request.headers[path_header].
        name: the name of the cookie.
        timeout: the expiration timeout for the cookie.
        domain: the cookie domain.
        secure: if False (the default) the cookie 'secure' value will not
            be set. If True, the cookie 'secure' value will be set (to 1).
        # Set response cookie
        cookie = cherrypy.response.cookie
        cookie[name] = cherrypy.serving.session.id
        cookie[name]['path'] = (path or cherrypy.request.headers.get(path_header)
                                or '/')
        # We'd like to use the "max-age" param as indicated in
        # http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2109.html but IE doesn't
        # save it to disk and the session is lost if people close
        # the browser. So we have to use the old "expires" ... sigh ...
    ##    cookie[name]['max-age'] = timeout * 60
        if timeout:
            cookie[name]['expires'] = http.HTTPDate(time.time() + (timeout * 60))
        if domain is not None:
            cookie[name]['domain'] = domain
        if secure:
            cookie[name]['secure'] = 1

  • 单步到 web 设置 cookie 的地方, 修改 cookie 有效时间即可..........

  • 太高深了。怎么单步。。。用户时HornERP AllInOne 版本。。