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Forum 里ask a question 不能使用

  • 一点击 提问弹出下面错误
    3 karma is required to perform this action. You can earn karma by having your answers upvoted by the community.
    查了一下karma  ,没看明白啥意思啊,下面的列表:
    Karma Gained/Loss By:

        2  Asking A New Question (Temporarily disabled because of spammers)
        2  Accepting An Answer
        5  Upvote of Your Question
      10  Upvote of Your Answer
      15  Your Answer Accepted
      -2  Downvote of Your Question/Answer
    -100  Your Answer Flagged (Not implemented in code yet)
    Karma needed to:

        1  Edit Your Own Question
        3  Ask/Answer a Question (Raised to prevent spam)
        3  Comment On Your Own Posts
        5  Comment On Any Posts
        5  Upvote A Question/Answer
        20  Accept Your Own Answer
        20  Linking Image Files
        20  Creating Clickable Links
        50  Downvote A Question/Answer
        50  Convert Your Own Comment <-> Question
        50  Delete Your Own Comment
        75  Adding Tags to Your Own Questions
      100  Close Your Own Question
      300  Edit Any Question
      500  Close Any Question
      500  Delete Your Own Question
      500  Accept Any Answer
      500  Convert Any Comment <-> Question
      500  Delete Any Comment
      500  Flagging A Question (Not implemented in code yet)
    1000  Delete Any Question
    1000  View More Than The Last 20 Questions/Answers (Limit for performance)

  • 也可能是 为了避免水贴的一个方式,这样 只有手动给了karma 值才能发帖。避免了机器人。以后应该会有更好的方案出现。



  • 非常感谢!