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Tiny ERP 中文化进度

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    界面中文化是Tiny ERP产品本地化的第一步,您可以在以下链接查看到界面中文化的进度。
    有希望共同参与Tiny ERP中文化的请与我联系,我将向你发出邀请。Google的网上文档管理就是为了方便大家协同工作的。

    中文Tiny ERP wiki的地址: shine-it.net/wiki

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  • I just had a short look. It seems like a very simple task hasn't been performed yet: just load the whole list in Excel (or OOSpreadsheet), add a column that gives numbers the lines from 1 to the end, sort the list alphabetically according to the English expression and complete duplicates (e.g. "cancel" is there at least 20 times) by just draging the value (drag the lower right box of a cell). Afterwards sort the list according to the number column you added in the beginning.

    what do I have to do to be able to modify the list?


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    Hi knerz,

    So good to have you here.

    The above link to the list is only for presentation purpose. I actually used the " shine-it.net/tinyerp/docs.google.com " tool, which has the on-line collaboration and version control features, to orgnize the translation project. You will need a google account to allow me to invite you to the shared file, so that you can either upload a updated version of the file or do the online editing.

    I've send you an invitation, pls. check your email. You will need register a google account by using your current email address.


  • 呵呵,digitalsatorl兄行动很快嘛。很早就关注tinyerp了只是一直没有在这方面投入精力,很是惭愧啊。

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