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  • 本来是想学ODOO的,最近看了网上的相关介绍文章


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    2:Odoo社区版 windows下的绿色版和linuxe下 都没用用户的限制,只有官方的 windows安装版才有,

    3:Erpnext 据我了解并没有汉化,其他更多的我也不了解,


  • 谢谢卓忆。我主要是受了以下这个帖子的影响。
    确实,我看NEXTERP用户大多是印度的。不过NEXTERP open resource ERP排名仅在ODOO之下。NEXTERP汉化已经有繁体中文了,简体好像开发者准备用google 翻译。
    我个人对国内中小企业定义是贸易销售为主(最好系统现在还要能跟随互联网+的 脚步 ;D,)制造流程和BOM一般比较简单。

    <br / https://discuss.erpnext.com/t/erpnext-vs-odoo/7496/4 br />I first was looking only for CRM, but then my "needs" (wants?) expanded to something more like ERP. I struggled with Odoo for nearly 2 months before arriving at (and currently testing) ERPnext. I am very excited about ERPnext and hope that as my company grows we will be able to support ERPnext and help sustain it as a fully open-source project.

    Until last week I thought my only choices were Odoo & Bitrix24. But in testing, both of them disappointed me, and here's why:

    - CRM and intranet, not really ERP
    - Pleasant UI
    - Instant deployment
    - Free up to 12 users
    - Many problems with email
    - Lack of customization
    - For ≥13 users, US$100/month

    - Nightmare to install
    - Resource hog (very CPU/db/RAM hungry)
    - Slow user experience
    - Poor scalability (accommodating more users demands more server resources)
    - Critical problems such as the program sending emails to clients about internal matters without any warning (customers are "partners" and partners by default get an email when updates are made to their account… UNACCEPTABLE)
    - No flat discount (only percentage, and it's on the item line)
    - Next version (Odoo 9) will have limited features in the community edition
    - Too many mobile apps, none of the free ones worked well enough for me
    - UI is too complex and colors are dull
    - Community support is inconsistent; can be difficult to get an answer
    - Ugly invoices require serious programming to look better
    - "Inbox" functionality makes no sense to me
    - Lead creation from emails


    Very comprehensive
    Automated actions — these are powerful and important
    Many third-party addons and a few paid mobile apps
    Graphs and charts
    Here's why I'm trying ERPnext and my first impressions:

    Runs super fast compared to Odoo (on VPS)
    Unbelievably easy install using Bitnami
    "Just works" so far, out of the box
    Multiple catch-all email addresses (but having problems, more below)
    Community seems more supportive and friendly
    Flat discount
    Email notification functions appear to work well
    Nice-looking invoices
    On the downside:

    I'm having problems with the mail-to-lead functionality: I have set incoming emails to create an opportunity, and yet the opportunities appear blank. The body of the email, the name, the email address — none of that is there, only the subject line. In PDF print mode, I do get the email address. And if set to forward, I do receive the original message in an email. But not in the web app or mobile app.
    Automated actions: I don't see that there's currently a clear way to do this in ERPnext (for example, upon entering an installation date, automatically schedule a call to set up a maintenance visit in one year and schedule a maintenance deadline)
    Some of the terms are in Indian English, rather than international English, but this is minor
    Features I would love to see in future iterations of ERPnext:
    - In the Android app: popup notifications, option to call a contact via the cellphone from within the app, and CalDAV/CardDAV calendar/contact synching (or is it already an option?)
    - iOS app
    - Webmail integration for email from my domain, so employees never have to leave ERPnext (and with menu options to add leads or project tasks from emails or selected email text)

    ERPnext team, please keep up the good work!