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    Company News

    To help people understand how Odoo works (as a company), we designed two infographics:
    Our organization: https://www.odoo.com/r/org
    History & KPIs: https://www.odoo.com/r/history

    It's been a long time since we organized a chat session with the community. I'd like to start more
    interactions with people from Odoo Inc/SA and the community. (busy building and improving the

    So, we designed a Studio room to ease the creation of good & interactive content, here is a photo:
    We plan to do: community members & partners interview, AMA sessions with Odoo managers, live
    support every friday, demos when we release new features, etc.

    Product Roadmap

    Last week, we froze SaaS-16 (beginning of a one-month test period before release) and yesterday
    our odoo.com production database has been updated to SaaS-15. This mean we will soon upgrade Odoo
    Online customers to SaaS-15 and new subscriptions will soon be under SaaS-15.

    Here are the list of new features for both versions:

    This is a raw, internal, document. Sorry if not everything is clear, the team is working on a clean blog to
    announce new features once releases will be available in Odoo Online. Here is the latest one for SaaS-14,
    released in march 2017:
    Of course, all those SaaS-XX releases will be part of Odoo 11 that will be released during Odoo Experience,
    in october 2017.

    Here are our top priorities for the short term, for next two months (SaaS-17 or v11), by order of importance:

    Odoo Cloud: a SaaS platform for partners, supporting community modules/runbot/...
    Accounting Localizations: DE, ES, NL, UK, CA, IN-GST, AU, CO, others?
    Stock: Complete Refactoring
    More robust, faster
    Ability to edit any operation, better accounting valuation
    Services Companies:
    Billing Rates, Project Dashboard, Forecast, Timesheet Validation/reminders...
    Make users love and smile when using Odoo - rewards
    e.g (click Mark Won): http://nightly.odoo.com/sri/theme/rewards/xav.html
    Internal Needs:
    Salary Grid for BE
    Improved VOIP UX + Phone Validation mechanisms
    Better Emails Templates: recruitment / gamification
    Notification / Discuss / Next Activities: improved UI & features
    New Settings (all apps) + Config Tool Bar (accounting)
    MRP: Workcenter Control Panel + Barcode UI + Editable MO
    Move all code to Python3 (not sure if we will have finnised for v11, but we will try)
    Clean Website Builder UI (improved themes, no more glitches, easier page builder)
    Clean / Review of all menus & forms: overall cleaning of all screens
    Payment / transaction
    Invoice Share + Online Payment
    Batch Payments
    SEPA Direct Debit
    Mobile (misc fixes & improvements)

    Please don't ask questions about these features in this thread, I will probably not have the time to
    answer everyone's question. But I plan to organize a "Ask me Anything" session with the community,
    as soon as our new Studio room is ready. (a few weeks max)

    Hope these information help you follow what we are working on,
    Thanks for following our / your great project.


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