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  • 跟Tiny ERP和Open ERP用很大关系,这个项目是从2008年开始的,详细请看下面链接<br>官方网站为<br>http://www.tryton.org/<br>http://opensourceerpguru.com/2008/11/23/tryton-a-new-kid-on-the-open-source-erp-block/<br><br><pre>Improvements in Tryton compared to OpenERP (or OpenObject) at 2008-12-30:<br><br>Client<br>######<br><br>- Provide IPv6 compliance<br>- Autodetect SSL connections<br>- Improve speed for communication between client and server with caches and compression<br>- Improve speed with persisting socket connections<br>- Improve robustness of the communication protocol<br>- Improve performance by removing glade<br>- Auto detection of client plugins<br>- Colored widget in list edit mode<br>- Customization of client shortcut key binding<br>- Allow to position focus on specific field<br>- Set the cursor on the field that has to be changed after a validation error<br>- Remove dependency on matplotlib<br>- Allow to save graph to file<br>- Allow to add action when clicking on graphs<br>* Allow to reorder tabs (now in OpenERP)<br>- Add title on form view<br>- Auto reload of menu after module installation<br>- Add operators on search widgets<br>* Allow to use dates before 1900 (now in OpenERP)<br>- Allow to work with very large lists of more than 20000 records instead of 80<br>- Allow to submit exceptions directly to bugtracker<br>- Format numbers according to the locales set in the users session<br>- Allow to use the keyboard to navigate in tree views and menu<br>- Allow for better appearence in list views to fill in an empty column<br>- Allow to copy a selection of list values and paste it into any other application<br>- Remember the column widths for each user when reopening forms<br>- Carry out the sorting of results on the server side<br>- Allow state invisible for field in list view<br>- Handle user warning<br>- Allow install with easy_install<br>- Improve ergonomics of date widget<br>- Take care of the user config gtk theme<br>- Allow to choose on report between preview, direct print or send by email<br><br><br>Server<br>######<br><br>- Provide IPv6 compliance<br>* Allow to install modules from the command line (now in OpenERP)<br>* Handle fuzzy translation (now in OpenERP)<br>* Avoid crash when importing bad module (now in OpenERP)<br>- Allow to override wizards<br>- Store user passwords encrypted<br>- password send only once at login<br>- Support Decimal type<br>- Allow to customize locales<br>- Use odt file as template for reports (with relatorio)<br>- Display only Tryton databases for login<br>* Handle BigInteger (now in OpenERP)<br>- Improve security for SQL injection<br>- Handle failures in the task execution of the scheduler by sending a request to the owner of the task<br>- Disallow to modify data originating from xml files by default<br>- Manage caches for multi server instance<br>- Check for dynamic constraints (like required and domain) on records in write and create process<br>* Use psycopg2 instead of psycopg (now in OpenERP)<br>- Use SAX parser to allow parsing of big xml files<br>- Allow to use an SQL query as table for model<br>- Allow to use many "Modified Preorder Tree Traversal" on the same model<br>- Allow to have char without size constraint<br>- Add limit on caches<br>- Add WebDAV protocol to browse the attachments and the reports<br>- Use internal locale formatting to be thread safe<br>- Add a unittest framwork<br>- Disallow to delete a record linked to a running workflow<br>- Make cache thread safe<br>- Provide time independent test for concurrency checks<br>- Add security test for remote callable functions<br>- Allow to order on fields function<br>- Use a more pythonic way of inheritance<br>- Better handling of view for model with inherits<br>- Handle user warning and rember use preferences<br>- Allow install with easy_install<br>- Allow sorting on translated fields<br>- Respect the default order for "Modified Preorder Tree Traversal"<br></pre><br>

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  • 看截图跟OpenERP几乎一样,等我下个代码包看看

  • 貌似是一个改进了 OpenERP 的服务器端和客户端的分支,不过改动似乎比较大,看起来像是参照 OpenERP 的架构重新写的?<br>

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  • 昨天实际装上试用了一下,tryton 实现了直接的 ODT 报表,没有 openerp 的那些中文和字体问题。不过目前我只能输出 odt 和 xps 的,输出 pdf 的需要 pyuno 模块,我还不知道怎么配置。

  • Good, 看了 Tryton 的源代码 是我喜欢的风格.. 简单 不拖泥带水.

    应该是个好东西. 有时间关注一下.

  • 从德语论坛得到的信息:<br><span style="text-decoration: underline;"></span>Open ERP (Tiny ERP) 在推广中最大的问题<br>1. Customizing更接近编程,对Customizing人员的要求高,分散精力<br>2. Open ERP的核心开发队伍太松散,似乎有点停滞不前(小道消息)<br>3. Tryton的出发点是以Open ERP为基础,简化和优化Open ERP,使Customizing更简单,减少实施的困难。<br>http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=tryton&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all<br><br>但是本人从6月跟踪Tryton以来在网上并没有看到热火朝天的迹象,比较忧闷。

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  • 现在OpenERP更新很快啊



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