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Compiere 被 Consona收购

  • 管理员

    Compiere,曾经开源ERP的领头羊,如今彻底的陨落了。详见: [检测到链接无效,已移除]

    OpenERP CEO Fabien Pinckaers对此事件的评论摘录如下:

    First, for us who are deeply committed to Open Source we can only feel sorry that one of the historical pioneers in this area is going to disappear. Reading the press release we understand Consona's interest in the technology but we have a hard time believing their commitment to support the community and indirect model. We know how much dedication it takes to support this business model. Even if Compiere was a competitor, from our perspective it is bad news. We believe that the more successful Open Source vendors the better for our industry as a whole.

    Secondly, Compiere's buyout (and in our eyes withdrawal) happens at a very strange time. We have never experienced so much demand than during the past recent months. We see interest from major companies which strongly feel the limitations and the frustrations of dealing with SAP and Oracle, companies we never thought would consider Open Source ERP solutions a few months ago. We also experience increasing global demand: Poland, Mexico, South Africa and Philippines just to mention a few. Our opinion is that Compiere's failure is not resulting from a lack of demand for Open Source solutions, but the consequence of a poor execution and a lack of commitment toward their community.

    Finally, Compiere's acquisition reinforces our determination. The Open Source ERP community needs a strong leader and we believe we can play this role. We know that we need to work hand in hand with the community to build not only a good product but the very best.

    We are determined to do it by sticking to our vision, to our strategy and with the support of all of you!

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