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OpenERP 5.0.14 - 2010-9-3放出了。

  • 今天刚开电脑就收到OpenERP邮件,“[Open ERP Announce] OpenERP 5.0.14” 好像昨天才收到"[Open ERP Announce] OpenERP 5.0.13"的啊!动作好快。不过我怎么更新旧的OpenERP呢?<br /><br />We have the pleasure to announce a new revision of OpenERP 5.0.<br /><br />The previous version 5.0.13 of OpenERP had a problem with the version of Python 2.4 and 2.5.<br /><br />This release contains the bug fixes of 5.0.13 and one important security fix which you can find in this brief summary.<br />In this version we have back-ported the safe_eval function from the trunk version.<br />But if you want to find more details you can look at the Changelogs [1]<br /><br />The Windows Installers will be made available as soon as possible.<br /><br />The translations have been updated<br /><br /><br />Server:<br />========<br /><br />* Bugfixes<br />----------<br /><br />* Use the safe_eval function from trunk<br />* Don't marshal None in XML-RPC<br />* Correct the field.related behavior at write()<br />* Fix a problem with the "Resynchronise Terms" wizard<br />* Fix a bug in the read function if the field is a function field or a many2one and store=True<br />* Fix the RNG, the filter attribute was missing<br />* Backport the safe_eval function from the trunk version of OpenERP<br />* Better Logging, display database name in the logger<br />* Add the @logged decorator also log exceptions<br />* Add the @traceback decorator that log the traceback at call<br /><br /><br />Bugfixes (addons)<br />-----------------<br /><br />* Use the safe_eval function from trunk<br />* account : Improve the calculation of general ledger<br />* account : General Journal and Central Journal Reports Corrected & Optimized<br />* account : General Ledger report improved<br />* account : Read Access for Fiscalyear given to Partner Manager<br />* account : Pay Invoice Wizard in foreign currency<br />* account : Use the right journal and period ids for the General Journal Report<br />* account : added notification on absence of invoice sequence number<br />* account : Bank statement should allow opening entries to reconcile disrespecting jornal<br />* account : Overdue message wizard corrected<br />* account : Partner Balance report filter corrected<br />* account : Unpaid invoices should not include proforma type of invoices<br />* account : fixed _search_amount() ethod to allow operators like <, >, =, !=, in and not in<br />* account : sequences in fiscal years should be restricted to the same type.<br />* account_date_check : Corrections in check_date constraint of move line<br />* account_followup : Report corrected by putting formatLang for maturity date<br />* crm: fixes send reminder.<br />* crm_configuration : Stage should be set to the basic stage of opportunity when leads are converted to opportunity.<br />* hr_timesheet : Onchange of user was counting changed user into context<br />* hr_timesheet_sheet : timesheet should only be confirmed when no. of sign in entries equal to sign out<br />* l10n_be : VAT Declaration wizard corrected<br />* l10n_be : Wizard of VAT intra corrected<br />* l10n_be : VAT Listing Wizard corrected<br />* l10n_ch : Correction on making payment with DTA<br />* mrp : Cancellation of procurement allowed if it has no moves attached<br />* mrp: Attribute the right destination location<br />* mrp_repair : Creation of invoices corrected from repairs with fees<br />* purchase : Translations corrected<br />* purchase : Report should show Partner of destination address<br />* purchase : Calculation of minimum planned date should not fail when there is no PO Line.<br />* report_intrastat : Correction in PSQL View creation<br />* sale : Cancellation of Order should be allowed by un-linking the Pickings to it<br />* sale : Correction on advance invoice wizard<br />* sale : Included customer reference in advance invoice<br />* sale : Make Invoice button set to invisible when invoiced.<br />* sale_crm : Case should be created with the user which is supplied from the wizard,not the current logged in user<br />* stock : Chained picking should generate same picking for moves<br />* stock : Manually created stock moves should confirm without fail<br />* stock : The return picking wizard has been improved<br />* stock: Use the standard price for the default price in the wizard of a partial picking<br />* wiki : Corrections for history revision differences,_rec_name corrected<br /><br /><br />You will find the Windows Installers and the tarball archives on OpenERP download page.<br /><br />Tarballs:<br />=========<br /> * Server: http://openerp.com/download/stable/source/openerp-server-5.0.14.tar.gz br /> * Client: http://openerp.com/download/stable/source/openerp-client-5.0.14.tar.gz br /> * Web: http://openerp.com/download/stable/source/openerp-web-5.0.14.tar.gz br /><br />You can contribute to OpenERP on LaunchPad.<br /><br />* OpenERP Download page: http://openerp.com/downloads.html br />* OpenObject Project on LaunchPad: https://launchpad.net/openobject br />* Translations: https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject br />* Bug Reporting: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject/+filebug br />* [1] Changelogs:<br /> * Server: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp/openobject-server/5.0/annotate/head:/doc/Changelog br /> * Client: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp/openobject-client/5.0/annotate/head:/doc/Changelog br /> * Web: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp/openobject-client-web/5.0/annotate/head:/doc/ChangeLog br /><br />For more information, take a look at the wiki and the forum.<br /><br />The OpenERP Team,<br /><br />--<br />Stephane Wirtel - "As OpenERP is OpenSource, please feel free to contribute."<br />Quality/Release Manager<br />Technical Project Manager<br />OpenERP S.A.<br />Chaussee de Namur, 40<br />B-1367 Grand-Rosière<br />Tel: +<br />Web: http://www.openerp.com br />Planet: http://www.openerp.com/planet/ br />Blog: http://stephane-wirtel-at-tiny.blogspot.com br />

  • 谢谢,重庆-mrshell在QQ群的回复,现在尝试中。<br /><br />重庆-mrshell<br />没有结构性的大改动的话, 就直接把源码更新到 liberary 以及 addons 就OK了.<br />