Odoo中文社区可以通过以下两个域名访问:shine-it.net , odoo.net.cn



开发人员可以登录gitter讨论组: http://gitter.im/odoo-china/Talk, 需要github账号



  • The current forum (shine-it.net)
    This is a good place to develop OpenERP assets, which are knowledge and human resources. It is maybe currently underdeveloped but still is a good base to start.
    It is not a good idea to copy ERP100 which is an affiliates program. The forum should be kept independent, non-profit but still should cover costs. for this reason, it should propose the possibility for donation, accept sponsorship or be managed in the future by a Chinese company foundation like Free Software Foundation.

    Several points have been discussed to improve OpenERP Chinese localisation and community:
    1. Organize better the information of the forum. Look more attractive and professional
    2. Get all the good ideas of HornERP merged into OpenERP main branch.
    3. Create a specific add-ons to create a basic Chinese profile.
    4. Advertise the forum in other forum (for example dedicated to Linux or Python)
    5. Translate current English resources into Chinese (slideshows, Manual) and create how-to in the forum (resources download center)
    6. Create an event called Shanghai OpenERP Community days.

  • 要不, 先给咱免费做个技术支持先?

  • 管理员


  • I use my last weekend to build a new website, not for competitor to shine-it, Just want to show how  the community should be.
    <br / [检测到链接无效,已移除] br />
    The site have 3 channels, Ask, Blog and Wiki.  Ask and Blog have been integrated with single-sign-on.

    The main channel is Ask. It's powered by an opensource project TipAsk. function like answer.yahoo.com, I think Q&A is the most function we use in BBS and unfortunately, BBS is not just for Q&A and we need a more professional Q&A platform. please try this.

    Further more Q&A, we need summarize some knowledge in well organized format, here comes the next channel, Wiki. It's powered by WikiWebHelp, I love it's navigation tree on the page left. It's show every new page on this wiki than mediawiki hide most of your hard work.

    There must be something can't be cover in Q&A and Wiki, community is not only a knowledge base, but also a social network. then we got Blog channel as the SNS. Here you can write micro-blog, connect to  other guy, build a group, host a event... many functions although I don't want community member's cost too much time on them. You can see your Question and Answer status here also thanks to the SSO.

    You know in china, we cannot view some important global website, eg. blogspot \ youtube ...

    Please give some advice on this site and we can implement the good parts to shine-it.


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