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    1、Tiny ERP的官方网站在: www.tinyerp.com , 我们并不是系统的开发者。 www.shine-it.net 的目的是推动Tiny ERP的中文化本地化进程,以及推广Tiny ERP在中国中小企业市场上的应用。
    2、Tiny ERP的forge站点 tinyforge.org/ 上有德国人knerz维护的中文本地化项目,但还有很多工作要做。如果Knerz接受,我们的翻译成果会上传到他维护的forge项目。
    3、我尝试过在tinyerp.com/wiki上翻译中文的用户手册,但是官方的wiki对中文支持很差,所以现在的使用手册的协作翻译建议在 www.shine-it.net/wiki 上进行

    I just set up a Chinese forum for Tiny ERP. The main purpose of the forum is to gather people who love Tiny ERP and would like to collaborate to do the Chinese localization. Together with you guys, I also like to promote Tiny ERP on Chinese SMB market.

    The localization work is just started. Desperately need your help and advice.
    Pls. visit www.shine-it.net and drop a note
    The wiki site is on: www.shine-it.net/wiki
    The collaboration translation is on: spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pYBN1QDpvPCcGAWiYDfn9Tg
    (You need apply in the forum to allow me to invite you to the the collaboration site)

    Thank you and best regards,

    Tony Gu
    What you mean with Quote:
    The localization work is just started.

    There are people who have done a lot of work before you. Just look at tinyforge e.g. Knerz is doing some work and maybe even maintain it.

    Of course any work to complete the translation is very welcome! Do you speak/write Chinese?

    Yumi, Thank you very much for your clarification. Probably my word is not so accurate. But, I really didn't ignore knerz's and your work for the Chinese localization. Pls. be noticed that the only congratulation note on knerz's forge site is from me (Tony Gu). I paid 101 percent respect to all of you who contribute to the Chinese localizaiton work.
    However, we still have long way to go to finish the localization work. Frankly speaking, the localization file mantained by knerz is only in an very initial state, I would like to further work on it.

    Hopefully, you may vist my site from time to time. There is a section for English Speaker if you may not tpye in Chinese.

    By the way, I'm a Chinese guy, currently live in Shanghai.

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